Logo-Useful Food Useful Food Bowl contains information about the Useful Food mod.

The following recipes are made using a Bowl. These items are accessible in Big Dig thanks to the Useful Food mod.

Name Recipe Ingredients Hunger Saturation Notes
Carrot Soup 150px 9 80%
Chocolate Ice Cream UsefulFoodChocolateIceCream 5 80%
Fruitsalad UsefulFoodFruitsalad 7 60%
Jelly UsefulFoodJelly 7 30% Jump Boost 30s
Magic Fruitsalad UsefulFoodMagicFruitsalad 10 60%
Oatmeal UsefulFoodOatmeal 4 60%
Pumpkin Soup UsefulFoodPumpkinSoup 5 80%
Salad UsefulFoodSalad 3 60%
Vanilla Ice Cream UsefulFoodVanillaIceCream 2 30%

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