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Tinkers Construct is a mod that adds a new way to create tools. To create wood, stone, or flint tools use the Part Builder, and Stencil Table. You can use the Tool Station to repair and/or add modifiers to your tools (Fortune, Luck, etc.)  To create metal tools (iron, copper, etc.) you will need to build a Smeltery (It is a multiblock structure). The Materials and You book and Mighty Smelting book will help you learn how to use Tinkers Construct.

Liquid ore is measured is millibuckets (mB). As a general point of reference, one smelted ingot is equal to 144mB. 

All casts, used on Casting tables with a Smeltery, use 144mB of liquid ore to produce a smelted product, such as tool rods, pickaxe heads, or sword blades. Patterns, used with a Stencil Table, can potentially use only partial amounts of material; this leaves the player with "Chunks", or "Shards" of materials, that are worth a fraction of the original material (usually ½ the original amount). It is worth noting that these can only be used in the Stencil Table , and cannot be smellted intro mB in a Smeltery ..



  • Materials and You (Red and Brown Version)
  • Mighty Smelting


  • Blank Pattern
  • Tool Rod Pattern
  • Pickaxe Head Pattern
  • Shovel Head Pattern
  • Axe Head Pattern
  • Sword Blade Pattern
  • Wide Guard Pattern
  • Hand Guard Pattern
  • Crossbar Pattern
  • Tool Binding Pattern
  • Pan Pattern
  • Board Pattern
  • Knife Blade Pattern
  • Chisel Head Pattern


  • Ingot Cast
  • Tool Rod Cast
  • Pickaxe Head Cast
  • Shovel Head Cast
  • Axe Head Cast
  • Sword Blade Cast
  • Wide Guard Cast
  • Hand Guard Cast
  • Crossbar Cast
  • Tool Binding Cast
  • Pan Cast
  • Board Cast
  • Knife Blade Cast
  • Chisel Head Cast


  • Iron Oreberry
  • Gold Oreberry
  • Copper Oreberry
  • Tin Oreberry
  • Aluminum Oreberry
  • Silver Oreberry




Creating Tools




Mod Spotlight Tinkers Construct v138:12

Mod Spotlight Tinkers Construct v1.4

Tinkers Construct Tutorial

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