EE3 is a mod made by Pahimar. It is open source, and is currently in Prerelease 1g. This mod allows the player to exchange items of equivalent value for another one. It also allows ores to be smelted without a furnace, includes a handy crafting table, and allows for exchange of non-blocks, such as dyes.

Currently, the only item recipe that will do anything is the minium stone.  This can be crafted by 8 minium shards and 1 inert stone.  The Inert stone being crafted by 4 stone, 4 iron and a gold ingot.

Inert stone:

stone iron stone
iron gold iron
stone iron stone

Minium stone:

minium shard minium shard minium shard
minium shard inert stone minium shard
minium shard minium shard  minium shard

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