Chocobo 4
Chocobos are a bird from ChocoCraft. You can tame them, ride them, breed them, and even fly them.

Chocobo Comparison Chart

Color Speed Climb Walk Special Breeding Health
Yellow Normal 1 Overworld 30
Green Normal 2 Y + Y 30
Blue Normal 1 Water Water Breathing Y + Y 30
White Fast 2 Water Jump* G + B 40
Black Fast 2 Water Jump*, Night Vision Y + W 40
Gold Fastest 2 Water Fly** B + W 50
Pink Fastest 2 Water Fly** G + PinkGys 50
Red Fastest 2 Water Fly** G + RedGys 50
Purple Fast 2 Lava*** Fly**, Fire Resistance Nether



Climb: Indicates Chocobo does not need to jump to go up the indicated number of blocks.

Walk: Indicates Chocobo can walk across the indicated liquid.

*: = Jumping Chocobos can reach ledges up to 4 blocks high.
**: = Flying Chocobos also immune to fall damage.
  ***:= Lava-walking Chocobos also resistant to fire.                       

Taming and Riding

To tame a Chocobo you need to feed it Gysahl Greens which are ususally around where Chocobos are found. Once you have fed it enough Gysahl Greens you will be able to name your pet Chocobo with a Chocopedia, It will have a red collar around it's neck after you have tamed it. To ride the Chocobo you have to make a Chocobo Saddle. Right click your Chocobo to put the saddle on the Chocobo (it must be tamed), and then right click the saddle to get on your Chocobo and ride it around. To make a Chocobo stay in one place (it must be tamed), click on it with a Chocobo Feather. (hearts=follow, smoke= stay).      

Chococraft Tutorial - Taming

Chococraft Tutorial - Taming


Chocobos can be bred by feeding each Chocobo a Lovely Gysahl, which can only be found when harvesting Gysahl (rare drop).When you breed two Chocobos, they create a baby Chocobo, known as a Chicobo.  Chicobos can be one of eight different colours. Each colour has different attributes. The eight colours are; Yellow, blue, green, white, Black, red, gold and Pink. There is also the exotic purple Chocobo that only spawns in the nether.


If you don't want your Chicobo to grow up you can feed it a Chibi Gysahl which can be made using a Gysahl green and Redstone. However, if you want your Chicobo to grow up instanly you can give it a Gysahl cake. You need to tame your Chicobo to do any of this.

If you feed your Chocobo a Golden Gysahl It will improve the chances of breeding a new type of Chicobo.