Logo-MineChem Chemical Synthesis Machine contains information about the MineChem mod.


The Chemical Synthesis Machine is used to create compounds or objects using chemicals.  To power it, MJ is required. Redstone engines are not powerful enough, so it is recommeded to use Stirling Engines. The MJ can be in-putted to any side. 

WARNING remove all your items before picking up your Chemical Synthesis Machine. All items are destroyed instead of dropped when broken.

Item SlotsEdit

ChemicalSynthesis Machine
The slot in red is where your Chemist's Journal goes. The slot in light green is where you put the recipe of the compound or object you want to create. The slot in blue is where the compound or object is created. The slot in green is where you put your Empty Vials. The slots in pink are where items are placed to be used by the Chemical Synthesis Machine to craft an item.



The Chemical Synthesis Machine is crafted with one redstone in the top middle slot, 3 iron on each side, a diamond in the bottom middle slot, and an Atomic Manipulator in the middle.