Description Edit

Centrifuge Block

The Centrifuge is a machine found in the Atomic Science mod. Its primary purpose is designed to create Uranium-235 and Uranium-238 by consuming a fluid called Uranium Hexaflouride, which is generated with a Nuclear Boiler. This fluid (which is a technical liquid that can be found in the Liquid Dictionary) can be pumped from a boiler into the Centrifuge with any number of fluid moving pipes. Once sufficient Hexaflouride and power are provided, the machine will begin to randomly produce U-235 and U-238 over a long period of time, although evidence suggests that more U-238 is produced on average.

Interface Edit

The Centrifuge has five main important points in its interface.

Centrifuge GUI

1: Liquid Indicator. This bar indicates the amount of Uranium Hexaflouride is contained within the machine. A more precise level can be obtained by hovering over the bar with a cursor, which will display the exact amount. Each unit of Uranium produced required .300mb of Hexaflouride. Hexaflouride can be pumped in and will be accepted at by any side of the machine.

2. Progress Bar. Dependent upon energy supplied, the creation of a unit of Uranium takes several minutes, even when the centrifuge is supplied with unlimited energy.

3/4. These two slots are where the Uranium is placed once it is created. Each slot will hold a maximum of 64 units of its respective Uranium product before the machine automatically shuts down. The Centrifuge will not consume resources unless these slots have free space to place the completed product.

5. As an alternative power input option, Mekanism compatible devices such as an Energy Cube or Battery can be placed inside this slot to supply power. Alternatively, the Centrifuge will accept energy from any side using conventional cable.

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