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Unofficial Change Log


  • MineChem re-added.
  • Code Chicken Core updated to version
  • Ender Storage updated to version
  • Not Enough Items updated to version


  • Minechem removed.


  • Treecapitator support has been removed from Natura Redwoods, to prevent performance isues.
  • Buildcraft:Logistics Pipes has been added
  • A port of Mystcraft for 1.5.2, prepared by MCF forums user Qwertygiy, has been added
  • Code Chicken Core has been updated to version
  • Not Enough Items has been updated to version
  • Chococraft has been updated to version 2.8.4
  • Equivalent Exchange 3 has been updated to version pre1h
  • Ender Storage has been updated to version
  • Forestry has been updated to version
  • Forestry: Extra Bees has been updated to version 1.6 pre9
  • MineChem has been updated to version
  • Mekanism has been updated to
  • Ender Ore has been updated to 1.0.12
  • Artifice has been updated to 1.0.67
  • Open Peripheral has been updated to 0.0.7


  • A configuration error which caused Forestry item ID conflicts has been corrected.
  • NEI Plugins has been added.
  • Code Chicken Core has been upgraded to version
  • Not Enough Items has been upgraded to version


  • Removed Easy Crafting
  • Added Project Bench version 1.7.5
  • Treecapitator support has been added for Natura's trees


  • Removed An Obsidian Plate
  • Removed Buildcraft: Logistics Pipes
  • Removed Buildcraft: Valve Pipe (and More!)
  • Removed Computer Craft: CC Cable
  • Removed Craft & Enchant
  • Removed Flat Bedrock (taken over by CoFH Core)
  • Removed Industrial Craft 2
  • Removed IC2: Advanced Machines
  • Removed IC2: Advanced Power Management
  • Removed IC2: Compact Solars
  • Removed IC2: MFFS
  • Removed IC2: Nuclear Control
  • Removed Liquid Metals
  • Removed Metallurgy (taken over by CoFH Core)
  • Removed Mystcraft
  • Removed Power Converters
  • Removed Railcraft
  • Removed Redpower 2
  • Removed Tube Stuff
  • Removed Wireless Redstone: Chicken Bones Edition
  • Added MFFS (by Calclavia)
  • All other mods were updated to 1.5.2-compatible versions

1.2.2 - April 17, 2013

Official Pack Release - April 14, 2013

  • Initial Release as an Official Pack.
  • Removed Power Converters: Redpower Module - by Covert Jaguar (unintentional?)



  • Fixed a packing error in the solder release.


  • SOLDER now active!


  • I have incremented the version number so that those who downloaded the pack when the hosting was dead can get the modpack now.


  • Removed Tinkers Construct, which was added due to a packing error.



  • Fixed a packing error.



  • Thaumcraft 3 & Thaumic Bees removed: could not secure permissions.


  • Iron Chest is now on the correct, listed version.


0.9.1 Pack

Initial Custom Pack Release - February 19, 2013

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