The Apiary is a single block that can house bees, in addition Apiary's are a "Key Factor" in the creation of new trees.

Item SlotsEdit


The slots in red are for bees, a Princess in the top slot and a Drone in the bottom. When a Princess and Drone are placed in these slots they will breed, consuming the Drone and converting the Princess to a Queen. The slots in green are for Frames. Frames increase the productivity of bees. The slots in blue are where the bees products are deposited. This is also where the new Princess and Drones will be deposited when the Queen dies.


Apiary Recipe

The Apiary recipe as shown by Not Enough Items. Made with planks and slabs, the item in the center is an Impregnated Casing. An Impregnated Casing must be created in a Carpenter , using eight logs and 250 mB of Seed Oil.