Logo-ComputerCraft Advanced Monitor contains information about the ComputerCraft mod.

The Advanced monitor is an item from the ComputerCraft mod that operates similar to a regular "Monitor" (also from ComputerCraft) except it has colour and touchscreen support (similar to the difference between a Computer and an Advanced Computer).



There are 16 different colours that can be used.

Colour is used by entering term.setBackgroundColour(colourvalue)  (colourvalue is the value of a colour e.g. 1= white 2 = orange, 4 = magenta or you can use the colours api e.g. colours.white,, colours.magenta)

and term.setTextColour(colourvalue)

Touchscreen inputEdit

To use the touchscreen input you must right click on the monitor where you want to "touch". The programming for it is done in the form of events. The events put in examples are...

event, monitor side, co-ordinates x, co-ordinates y = os.pullEvent("monitor_touch")

The event variable will be equal to "monitor_touch".

The monitor side variable will be equal to the side the monitor is attached to the Computer or Advanced Computer, e.g. "left".

The co-ordinates x and y variables will be equal to the x and y co-ordinates where you right clicked. For example the bottom right corner would be: For co-ordinates x, 51 and for co-ordinates y, 19.